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Ledger Nano X Review: Pros and Cons

Ledger Nano X Review
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The Ledger Nano X is the newest hardware wallet made by Ledger. However, is it an improvement on the company’s previous model the Ledger Nano S? This article will provide a brief Ledger Nano X review summarising the pros and cons of the device.



The Ledger Nano X, like its Nano S predecessor, has a compact yet robust design. Although it is bigger and heavier than the Nano S, it is still very portable and you could easily carry with you on a keychain, put it in your pocket or wear it around your neck. The build quality is similarly pretty good, a solid plastic body with a twisting metal cover, so you need not worry about breaking it. It has an even larger screen than the Ledger Nano S and has two large circular buttons placed on the front. It requires no extra batteries to operate, however if you intend to take it out and about, you will have to charge it periodically. The process is simple, just plug it into a power source using the USB cable provided.


The Ledger Nano X is very easy to set up, in fact the process is pretty much the same as the Nano S. All you need to do is plug it into your computer with the USB cable provided and follow the instructions on the device screen. You will be prompted to create a 4-8 digit pin code and write down your 24 word recovery phrase. Then you install the Ledger Live software (available on Windows, Linux, Android, Macs, and IOS) which you use to manage your device and apps. The process is not very complicated, and requires very little technical know how. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up the device on Ledger Nano’s official website here.

Wireless Functionality

Unlike the Ledger Nano S, the Nano X has bluetooth integrated, meaning it is very easy to manage or use your cryptocurrency on the go without the need to use cables. For some people, this feature may be superfluous however, particularly if you just want a simple storage medium that you don’t want to move anywhere. If this feature is not required or doesn’t suit your needs it can easily be disabled in the device menu.


The Ledger Nano X supports exactly the same large number of cryptocurrencies as the Nano S. At the time of writing it supports 22 cryptocurrencies natively and about a further 1100 using additional third party apps. So rest assured whatever cryptocurrency you might want to buy it is more than likely covered. You can check out a comprehensive list of the currencies supported and required third party apps on the Ledger official website here.

A major advantage the Ledger Nano X has over the Ledger Nano S is that it can store up to 100 apps concurrently (depending on app size). The Ledger Nano S by comparison can only manage between 3 and 20. So if you are intending to buy many different cryptocurrencies, you can rest assured that the Nano X will more than likely be able to have the relevant apps installed at the same time for easy access to your funds.



The most evident downside of the Ledger Nano X is that is more expensive than the Ledger Nano S. In fact it was almost double the price at the time of writing. However, if you intend on buying many different cryptocurrencies this may be a better option for you in the long run due to the Nano X’s superior app storage capacity. If you are only committed to buying in a region of one to three different cryptocurrencies, you would be better off considering the Nano S instead.

Ledger Nano X Review: Conclusion

The Ledger Nano X is does have a couple of advantages over the Nano S, namely the greater app storage capacity and the wireless feature. These features make it great for individuals who buy many different cryptocurrencies or often use crypto on the go. Other than this it largely offers the same features as the Nano S. The downside is, is that it does cost much more than the Nano S. If you are only looking to buy say one or two cryptocurrencies and feel you’ll never want to buy any others in the future, you may be better off getting the Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano X Availability

We hope you found this Ledger Nano X review helpful! You can find the Ledger Nano X at Amazon in the following countries

You can also buy the Ledger Nano X worldwide directly from the Ledger store. Keep in mind that you will have to take into account delivery costs and customs duties dependent on your location.

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