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Learn Cardano DApp Development For Free

Learn Cardano DApp Development For Free
Screenshot of the Cardano Foundation website homepage

Cardano presents another alternative to Ethereum for developing DApps. DApp development skills could provide a lucrative career opportunity if the demand for DApps takes off in the future. So we have compiled a brief list of resources below that will help you learn DApp development on Cardano for free.

What is Cardano?

Cardano DApp Development For Free
Cardano Symbol Courtesy of Steven Ankri. Many Thanks! You can find him on Twitter here, and his Dribbble profile here.

Cardano is a blockchain platform that is still in its early stages of development. It is founded on the principle of scientific and research driven approach. This is in order to ensure the platform is secure and that it follows good development practices. The blockchain also has its own native cryptocurrency called ADA, that can be utilised to send and received digital funds. Cardano will allow for the development of DApps on its blockchain. These will be written in a specially designed Haskell based programming language called Plutus.

So where can I learn Cardano DApp Development for Free?

As the Cardano platform is in its nascent stages, there are still very few resources available to learn DApp development.

Cardano Docs

A useful point of reference, the Cardano Docs provide an overview of the Cardano project and includes an introduction to the Plutus programming language.

Plutus Playground – by Input Output Hong Kong

Screenshot of the Plutus Playground homepage
Screenshot of the Plutus Playground homepage

The Plutus Playground is a web-based environment for exploring the Plutus code. There is a short tutorial to guide you in building some example smart contracts.

Plutus – Page on Github

Screenshot of the Plutus Github Page
Screenshot of the Plutus Github Page

This contains some useful information including a Plutus tutorial section.

Writing Your First Plutus Smart Contract – by Clio.1

Screenshot of the Clio 1 About Us page
Screenshot of the Clio.1 About Us page

This is a good introductory course that has a step by step guide to creating your first Plutus DApp.

Plutus: Writing reliable smart contracts – by Lars Brünjes, Polina Vinogradova, and Alejandro Garcia Fdz

Screenshot of Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts on

There is a copy of this Plutus coding book on where you can set the price you pay. You can even get the book for free if you so wish. Please note you will have to make an account to get the ebook, whether you pay for it or not.

Plutus Programming Language: Reliable Smart Contracts – on Udemy

Screenshot of the Plutus Programming Language course on Udemy
Screenshot of the Plutus Programming Language course on Udemy

If you are on Udemy, there is a free video course exploring programming using Plutus. Unfortunately though, some of the videos have very poor sound quality so it is fairly difficult to follow what the instructor is saying. Nevertheless this short course does provide some very useful information.

Cardano Programming

Screenshot of the Cardano Programming homepage
Screenshot of the Cardano Programming homepage

This website has a Cardano 101 programming tutorial that shows you how to create a basic Hello World smart contract in the Plutus Playground.

Was This List Helpful?

We hope you have found this list helpful if you are looking to develop Cardano DApps! We encourage you to use this as a springboard to launch your own further research and learning.

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