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Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels

Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels
Image courtesy of Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Youtube can be a useful tool for those looking to do some initial research before investing in cryptocurrency. However there is a lot sources out there to sift through, some of them not very helpful. So we have created this list of the Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels to help you get started.

The Modern Investor

Screenshot of The Modern Investor's Youtube channel
Screenshot of The Modern Investor’s Youtube channel

The Modern Investor is a Youtuber that provides sensible insights into the latest news, articles and topics of discussion in cryptocurrency. He posts new videos regularly, often daily and whilst he gives much of his own opinions, he explains how he came to his conclusions in a measured way. In short, the information he provides could be a very useful component in your research and help you as you start out.

You can find his Youtube channel here

Crypto Tips

Screenshot of Crypto Tips' Youtube channel
Screenshot of Crypto Tips’ Youtube channel

Crypto Tips is another Youtuber that provides insights but also has a few how to videos thrown in for good measure. She also posts updates regularly and providers very useful pointers and information for new and seasoned cryptocurrency users alike.

You can find her Youtube channel here

Rex Kneisley – AKA The Crypto Dad

Screenshot of The Crypto Dad's Youtube channel
Screenshot of The Crypto Dad’s Youtube channel

Rex Kneisley’s (The Crypto Dad) channel is about his interest in the subject of cryptography. His channel has a treasure trove of how-to videos including how to use various cryptocurrency wallets (both hardware and software based), how to buy particular cryptocurrencies and many more.

You can find his Youtube channel here

Bob Loukas

Screenshot of Bob Loukas' Youtube channel
Screenshot of Bob Loukas’ Youtube channel

Bob Loukas has been an amateur trader for the last 25 years and focuses on the crypto as well as gold markets. His particular style of analysis is based on looking at charts and he provides useful insights into where the cryptocurrency markets may be going. Using his videos as a reference could be helpful to you in understanding the current state of the markets.

You can find his Youtube channel here

Crypto Jebb

Screenshot of Crypto Jebb's Youtube channel
Screenshot of Crypto Jebb’s Youtube channel

Crypto Jebb assesses the bitcoin market daily and provides analysis of charts, deducing patterns and insights. This can be an incredibly useful tool to help you understand charts and improve your understanding of them.

You can find his Youtube channel here

DApp University

Screenshot of the DApp University Youtube channel

Gregory McCubbin’s channel DApp University is a good place to start if you want to learn blockchain development. It has videos with advice on how to start a blockchain development career as well as a video series on how to build your first decentralized applications.

You can find his Youtube channel here

Colin Talks Crypto

Screenshot of the Colin Talks Crypto Youtube channel
Screenshot of the Colin Talks Crypto Youtube channel

Colin Talks Crypto not only features great insight videos, but also has videos that discuss exit strategies, a topic that is not featured often on other cryptocurrency Youtube channels.

You can find his Youtube channel here

Blockgeeks and Ameer Rosic

Screenshot of the Blockgeeks Youtube channel
Screenshot of the Blockgeeks Youtube channel

Blockgeeks is a great channel to help you understand the “cryptosphere” and is a provider of blockchain training. Its mission is to make the blockchain and knowledge surround it available to everyone.

Screenshot of Ameer Rosic's Youtube channel
Screenshot of Ameer Rosic’s Youtube channel

Ameer Rosic the founder of Blockgeeks also has his own personal channel. It features useful videos on entrepreneurship and includes further videos on cryptocurrency and blockchain (easily found if searched specifically).

You can find Ameer Rosic’s Youtube Channel here and Blockgeeks here

Girl Gone Crypto

Screenshot of the Girl Gone Crypto Youtube Channel

Lea Thompson’s Youtube channel Girl Gone Crypto is great. It features a plethora of interesting content including tutorials, interviews, reviews as well as regular updates about what is going on in the cryptocurrency space.

You can find Lea Thompson’s channel here

Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels: To Conclude

If any of you have come across more useful channels to add to the Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below. You will be helping the community at large to understand and learn more about blockchain.

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