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About Us

About UsThe rise of Cryptocurrency assets

Cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin was the first, are an exciting new asset class that has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years.

As interest grows, many people from all walks of life are wanting to learn more. However, as they are completely new to cryptocurrencies they are unsure where and how to start. This is only compounded further by the fact that many cryptocurrency projects that have now sprung up since Bitcoin’s inception.

Our Goal

The aim of Cryptofridge is to educate and inform beginners looking to get into cryptocurrency. Whilst we by no means claim to be experts, we do know that arming yourself with knowledge, keeping an open mind and continued learning is essential. This is especially pertinent for those new to the space. It is still somewhat the “Wild West” in cryptocurrency and blockchain!

In writing articles on our site, we hope to share with you what we have learnt. We hope they will at least get you started as you begin your blockchain journey and provide a platform for you to build from. We also review books and other products (hardware wallets, steel wallets etc) giving our verdict on them.

Lastly and most importantly enjoy yourself! There is a thriving community out there, go engage and learn! 🙂

All the best,


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